Mori Agency is a public relations and digital communications agency

We’re a team of likeminded professionals with rich experience in PR and SMM who love what we do.

With good faith, expertise and great attention to details we have been elaborating effective communications campaigns and solving the most complex image and reputation issues of our clients for many years.

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Tamara_Mori.jpgTamara Mori
Tamara Mori is the founder and CEO of Mori Agency 

She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2004 and worked both in mass media and some of the largest communications agencies in Russia. 

Ms. Mori is a regular participant and speaker at business and industry forums and conferences (Russian Interactive Week, Russian Internet Forum, eTarget), she also shares her expertise in PR, SMM and reputation management with students (MSU, Netology). 

For any questions / business inquiries, please email Tamara Mori at

Our team

Anna Bodrova Digital Guru
Anna Babayan Tamer of Figures
Anna Priklonskaya Lady of the Narratives
Alexey Goncharov Event Jedi
Masha Vaganova Digital Fairy
Svetlana Ryazanova Chief of development
Tamara Mori Mother of Dragons

Our services

Public Relations

— We elaborate effective PR-strategies.

— We’ve got good long-term relations with journalists of all leading media titles.

— We build up relations with opinion leaders.

— We’ve got wide expertise both in product and corporate PR.

— We provide thorough and fast response in crisis situations as we master efficient methods of crisis resolution as well as flawless communications establishment.  

Social Media Marketing

— We only offer relevant and well-thought-out strategies of presence in social media.

— We provide individual and system approach to choosing methods and tools in working with social media.

—  We ensure effective results due to combination of traditional analytical and management approaches and up-to-date trends.

— We provide flexible and effective reaction to changes of internal and external circumstances.

— We offer creative efficient solutions to extraordinary tasks and situations.

Reputation Management

— We know who speaks about you, what they say, where and when they say it in social media.

— We can quickly and effectively find maximum relevant issues, feedback and other messages of your clients.

— We elaborate efficient strategies to increase the volume of discussion, to redice the share of negative messages and rise the share of positive ones.

— We only provide with the most effective ways of neutralizing negative messages on a regular basis as well as in critical situations.

— We can make the social media a relevant and efficient channel of feedback for current and potential clients.

Event Management

— Press-conferences and press-breakfasts.

— Presentations and services/product launches: eye-catching outstanding concepts and the highest level of their implementation.

— Business forums, round tables and industry conferences.

— Corporate events and team-building activities.

We are recommended

Mikhail Goncharov CEO and founder of Teremok restaurant chain
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Mikhail Goncharov, CEO and founder of Teremok restaurant chain

At Teremok, we had been using our own resources to implement corporate and PR strategies for a long time until we realized we lacked expertise and creative ideas to go on. At that time, we met and started working with such a remarkable person as Tamara Mori, and her agency. 

Our partnership has once again reassured me in my belief that personal qualities of a company’s head play a critically important role in business, and even more significant in PR field. 

We have been working for more than two years already, and we have managed to change perception of Teremok brand by creating and maintaining our reputation of a dynamic, innovative and at the same time warm-hearted company. I’m happy that Tamara Mori has contributed a part of her soul into our success. 

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Andrey Narkevich Deputy CEO of Teremok restaurant chain
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Andrey Narkevich, Deputy CEO of Teremok restaurant chain

Mori Agency do not just go by the book, but everyone at the agency is really interested in providing effective solutions to the tasks we assign to them. 

Their solutions are always efficient, thorough, and based on their experience and knowledge of modern industry trends. We are happy to work with Mori Agency and satisfied with our partnership.

Anna Rivina Director of the Center against abuse issue
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Anna Rivina, Director of the Center against abuse issue

When working on any project or launching it, there are always a billion of things going on at the same time, and it’s too great a risk that you may fail in doing everything on time or you may just go crazy with the load of work. The issue is even more acute if there are only volunteers involved in the process, and they are already desperately busy with their work. This was how I felt when I contacted Tamara for help – at that time our project “Men against abuse” ( was heading into the homestretch and the time to present it to the audience was drawing on. 

Thanks to Tamara and her team, experts and true professionals fell into our ranks, and everything was done fast and clearly, without a hitch. It was important and nice to realize that certain types of work are in good hands.  

What was the result? Well, more than 200 thousand people watched our video just in the first few days, we received hundreds of messages and comments, even from Patricia Kaas who saw our project and voiced her support recognizing the importance of what we did. Of course, different media covered the news on our project, but we were used to it. But what is really great is that thanks to our work Playboy magazine wrote on its pages that “a woman provoking violence and abuse is a myth” and family abuse is inexcusable in any form. 

May your busine

Eduard Shteringarts Founder of Totemi Jewellery brand
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Eduard Shteringarts, founder of Totemi Jewellery brand

I wouldn’t talk a lot about professional qualities of Tamara’s team now. I’d rather point out just one thing. They are NOT indifferent people.

I mean it, in caps lock. They are people who begrudge neither time nor energy to do their best at work, no matter what budget a project has. Thank you so much!

Giulio D’Erme Co-Founder в CulinaryOn
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Giulio D’Erme

I have strongly relied on Tamara Mori PR and event management services for several years, from the time I was managing the Marketing and PR department of Indesit Company to the establishment of my own company CULINARYON. 

Mori's deep understanding of the media landscape and client needs allowed us to formulate, year after year, innovative and effective PR strategies that not only strengthened our brand reputation in the market, but also opened new prospectives for business development.

I can fully recommend Mori's services both in the area PR strategy definition and implementation, and in the area of event management as she has proven to be a loyal, committed and professional business partner.

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